7/26/2013 HDC, Salvo Defense Team For World’s Toughest Scope

March 28, 2015

Calera, AL—Hunt Distributing Co. (HDC), a leading supplier of high-performance firearms, is pleased to announce its collaboration with Salvo Defense LLC to develop the Sapphire Fire Control product line. Salvo Defense launched the project with one aim: to develop a family of high­ performance rifle scopes that can survive the harshest conditions. HDC will support Salvo Defense engineering with market insight and product design consulting based on the deep domain expertise of its design team of master gunsmiths and experienced marksmen.

“The combination of Salvo Defenses’ manufacturing and design capabilities with HDC’s product and market knowledge made this partnership a no brainer.” said Paul Chung, senior program manager at Salvo Defense. “We are proud to be a part of such and exciting and game changing development opportunity.”

“This new line of fire control optics represents years of tribal knowledge, field experience, and user input from tactical marksmen around the world,” said Nathan Hunt, president and founder of HDC. The two companies have teamed to build the product line from the ground up. “We started with a blank sheet of paper and told ourselves to forget what has been done and to only focus on what should be done. We think we have come up with an amazing product.”

A member of the Salvo Technologies LLC group of companies, Salvo Defense provides electro optic assemblies and personal protective equipment for the security and defense, medical, industrial, and consumer sectors. Its Sapphire Fire Control product line will feature external lenses formed of sapphire. The material exhibits extreme scratch resistance while remaining lightweight, making it ideal for high-performance, ruggedized optics.

“From the scratch­resistant Sapphire windows, utilizing both focal planes, all the way to the titanium housing, this family of scopes is an engineering marvel,” said Hunt. “We think it’s the product the market has been waiting for.”

The scopes will be manufactured in the United States by Salvo Defense’s sister company Salvo Electro ­Optics LLC (www.SalvoEO.com) and distributed globally by HDC. The product is slated for launch in early 2015.

About HDC

Launched in 2008 by service disabled US Army veteran Nathan Hunt, Hunt Distributing Co. (HDC) distributes, customizes, and manufactures a range of lightweight firearms and accessories. The success of the company is driven by the knowledge and experience of its team of US military veterans, seasoned hunters, and master gunsmiths. They work to identify opportunities to reduce weight while minimizing recoil. This results in highly accurate, ruggedized firearms like the 6­lb Timos hunting rifles and Home Wrecker line of home defense shotguns. In the past, gun enthusiasts have had to choose between performance and ease of handling. With the launch of HDC, Hunt made it his mission to put together featherweight firearms that don’t require any compromises at all.

About Salvo Defense LLC

Established in 2012, Salvo Defense LLC is a full service contract designer and manufacturer electro optic components and assemblies, as well as sensing and imaging platforms with a specialization in multispectral systems. The company manufactures high-end equipment and gear for military and police forces. It emphasizes innovative materials and designs that solve problems that others can’t. As the design and R&D arm of the Salvo Technologies LLC family of companies, Salvo Defense can leverage the production capabilities of sister organizations like Salvo Coatings and Salvo EO for coatings, component fabrication, and assembly. It can also leverage the sales organizations of the other business units to conceptualize new products and to provide global distribution of the result.

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Leigh Hunt
Sales Manager


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