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Next Phase Optics

About Next Phase Optics

Next Phase Optics, formerly Florida High Tech Optics, is a manufacturer and supplier of optical materials for the defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, and research markets. Next Phase Optics was established in 1995 and is known for its superior customer service and quality craftsmanship. Next Phase Optics provides raw and semi-finished optical materials, glass wafers of all types (UV/VIS/IR), lens blanks, and custom modifications of commercially available off-the-shelf optics. NPO utilizes customer-specific processes, including ultra-low subsurface damage optical fabrication techniques, optical blanks and blanking services, no bond line optical assemblies, and super polished surfaces.

Salvo Technologies acquired Next Phase Optics in April 2015.

The acquisition of Next Phase Optics allowed Salvo to become more vertically integrated and allowed NPO to secure these processes for internal product lines.

Next Phase Optics is now a leading technology-based private equity firm. The additional products within Salvo Technologies will allow Next Phase Optics to service its customers with even more products. Salvo Technologies’ portfolio encompasses several other divisions with deep domain expertise in security, defense, and consumer technologies.