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Optical Capabilities

Optical Fabrication Capabilities

Optical Fabrication Capabilities

  • Planos: Flat optics include a range of optical components with at least one nominally flat surface.
  • Spheres: Rotationally symmetric optics whose shape corresponds to the section of a spherical surface. Made with a particular radius or curvature.
  • Aspheres: A lens whose surface profiles are not portions of a sphere or cylinder.
  • Freeforms: An optical component that is not translationally or rotationally symmetric.

Optical fabrication for UV, VIS, NIR, and SWIR materials


Optical Fabrication Equipment

  • CNC – Grinding & Polishing
  • Spindles – High Accuracy Pitch Polishing
  • Double-sided Polishing
  • Continuous Polishing
  • Laser Centering CNC
  • MRF – Magnetorheological Finishing

Optical Fabrication Metrology

  • Luphos – Noncontact profilometer
  • Zygo VFA – Stitching interferometer
  • NexView – White light interferometer
  • Interferometers – 3 Zygos & Apre

Optical Engineering Using Zemax

Tolerance Chart

Optical Assembly

Optical Assembly
  • Lens-to-Lens Bonding and Contacting – Doublets & Triplets
  • Opto-Mechanical Assemblies
    • T-Sphere & Shear Plates

Coating Capabilities

Coating Technologies

Coating Technologies

  • Electron Bombardment is capable of vaporizing difficult-to-vaporize materials and producing hard durable films.
  • Plasma Ion-Assisted Bombardment (PIAD) is applied at low temperatures to sensitive substrates while providing durability to heat and humidity.
  • High Laser Damage Threshold Coatings – UV to Midwave
  • Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) results in thin films with an extremely high laser damage threshold, durability, and density. When the only option is extreme performance, this method is a great choice.
  • Magnatron Sputtering (MSP) is a plasma-based deposition method that accelerates energetic ions toward a target. Atoms are expelled (or sputtered) off the surface when the ions hit the target. These atoms move in the direction of the substrate and combine with the developing film.

Coating Equipment

  • Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS)
  • Magnatron Sputtering (MSP)
  • Plasma Assisted Evaporation or Electron Beam

Photolithography Capabilities

Photolithography Tools

Photolithography Tools

  • Spin deposition tools, automated dispense, & edge bead removal.
  • Mask aligner exposing systems.
  • Wet benches, batch development, lift, & strip process.
  • DUV displacement Talbott lithography tool.
  • Etching process chamber for glass and silicon.

Photolithography Production Capabilities

  • Pattern coatings on glass and semiconductor substrates from platforms including IBS, MSP, & Evap DLC.
  • Micro-patterning for color filters RBG, CYM, & IR gel film on glass and semiconductor substrates.
  • Nanostructure Fabrication Technology
  • Semiconductor Handling & Processing (ESD)

Image Sensing & Camera Modification

  • Fiber Bonding
  • Coverglass Removal
  • Microlens Removal
  • Ultratech UV Coating
  • Precision Filter Alignment
  • Optics Installation (on image sensor)
  • Coverglass Replacement
  • Camera Hybridization & Modification
  • Vertical Integration Filter Development through Sensor Bonding
  • Color Processing (adding the RGB to color cameras)
  • Custom Optics Assembly
  • UV Coating
  • Bayer Filter Removal

Electro-Optic Assembly

  • Electronics Manufacturing & Assembly
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Analog and Digital Integrated Circuits
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Circuit Card Assemblies