The Salvo Technologies group of companies serves the defense market with top­-to-bottom entries in optics, optical coatings, and electro­optics.

Salvo Coatings and Salvo Electro­Optics fabricate a full range of optical components, including beamsplitters, filters, output couplers, and etalons, as well as laser gain media and nonlinear crystals.

Salvo EO also offers assembly services, freeing up tier­one contractors to focus on design and integration.

Industrial & Semiconductor Industries

Optical systems lie at the heart of semiconductor manufacturing, whether the micro-lithography techniques that pattern the chips or the pick ­and ­place operations used to populate the boards.
In addition to lithographic patterning, optical systems are used for inspection tasks ranging from wafer mapping to inspection.

These systems may use machine vision, spectral sensing, or both. And now, with the advent of cost­effective multispectral imaging and sensing, powerful new methods of online process measurement and control are becoming available for use at the fab.


Salvo Technologies specializes in the type of high ­performance, ultra-­high reliability devices that are good fits for the medical market.
4D Tactical technology, for example, is used for surgical headlights and cameras. Salvo Technologies’ full­ service optical and electro­-optical capabilities run from optical component fabrication and coating to assembly courtesy of Salvo Coatings and Salvo E­O.

Salvo EO also markets laser gain media and nonlinear crystals that can be used for medical and dental lasers.


The consumer market demands performance and safety, but also at an affordable cost.

The Salvo Technologies business units apply their industry ­leading technology coupled with innovative manufacturing to deliver the best possible product at the best possible price.

Salvo Defense developed the Sapphire Fire ­Control Optic, a lightweight, ultra­rugged rifle sight that delivers startlingly good performance.

Science and Technology

The optics and electro­-optics capabilities of Salvo Technologies position it to be an effective player in application areas like analytic instrumentation and biotech.

They can produce full systems and subsystems courtesy of the design capabilities of Salvo Defense, and the optical fabrication and assembly capabilities of Salvo Coatings and Salvo EO.