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Red Dot Reflex Sight

Security & Defense

Salvo Technologies has a strong focus on the global security market. Working together with the US military as well as other NATO-friendly nations, Salvo Technologies provides a full range of solutions.

Industrial & Semiconductor Industries

Industrial & Semiconductor Industries

Salvo Technologies has multiple business units that serve the industrial and semiconductor industries. From wafer coating services for Cell Phone manufacturers to test...

Designed for Medical Care

Medical & Life Sciences

Salvo Technologies’ unique value proposition lends it to the medical market. By controlling the supply chain throughout the value stream Salvo is positioned to provide the best value, delivery, and flexibility...



Salvo Technologies has multiple direct-to-consumer business models and supports a wide range of OEMs with products sold to the consumer.

Futuristic Digital Technology

Science & Technology

Research and Science is a key market segment for Salvo Technologies. Where cutting-edge innovations are needed, and that is where the Salvo team excels.