Optical Assemblies


Optical Assemblies – Salvo Defense designs and produces a wide range of optical assemblies. From very large lens systems for high definition imaging, to retrofit display glass stacks including ITO and Polarizers Salvo Defense is your go-to resource for optical assemblies. Salvo Defense has implemented the latest alignment techniques and bonding technologies with a special focus in visible military displays and short wave infrared assemblies.  Unique manufacturing processes allow for greater throughput and higher efficiency. Add these specialties to the fact that Salvo Defense can produce optical assemblies from the UV to the long-wave infrared region and its clear Salvo Defense is a valued resource.

Salvo Defense now offers custom lens design in addition to the lens assembly.  From challenging designs for multiple wavelength sensors to an extremely wide field of view in small packages Salvo Defense can create a solution that meets your application’s rigorous demands.  Whether it is a new design or a redesign of an existing lens due to a senor change Salvo’s engineers are eager to work with your customers to find a solution that meets their needs at a cost that will make the project successful.  Applications range from space-qualified optics to medical and military-grade lenses.

Established in 2012, Salvo Defense is a full-service contract designer and manufacturer of electro-optical assemblies as well as sensing and imaging platforms with a specialization in multispectral systems.  The company manufactures high-end equipment and gear for military and police forces.  It emphasizes innovative materials and designs that solve problems others can’t.  As the design and R&D arm of the Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Defense can leverage the production capabilities of its sister organizations like Salvo Coatings and Salvo Electro-Optics.  It can also tap the sales organizations of the other business units to conceptualize new products and reach customers globally through their distribution.

For all of your optical assembly needs visit our website at www.salvodefense.com or email one of our application engineers at sales@salvodefense.com.