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Arrow Thin Films

About Arrow Thin Films

Arrow Thin Films is a high-volume manufacturer of optical coatings for the laser industry. Specializing in high laser damage components, Arrow routinely coats high reflectors, output couplers, beam splitters, and polarizing coatings with high extinction. In addition to high laser damage optics, Arrow coats high transmission UV filters and specialty laser crystals. Arrow Thin Films has been providing optical coatings for over 30 years and has expertise in designing and depositing excellent laser damage threshold coatings. Arrow Thin Films has developed and optimized deposition automation to ensure process reliability and repeatability. Arrow Thin Films provides coating services and supplies components to the medical, industrial, military, scientific, government, and telecommunications markets.

Salvo Technologies acquired Arrow Thin Films in January 2021.

The acquisition of Arrow Thin Films completes a series of strategic moves to upgrade our manufacturing capabilities through organic growth and investment and acquisitions like Arrow Thin Films. This addition to Salvo increases the company’s manufacturing base and adds thin film and laser optical capabilities that allow Salvo Technologies to serve its existing customer base better.

Arrow Thin Films is an essential milestone in contributing to the overall strategy of the continuous development of a vertically integrated precision optical components group. Combining this with our automated deposition equipment, Salvo can provide even more solutions to our customers and help them achieve their goals.