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Graflex – Always on Target

Graflex, founded in 1993, is a designer and manufacturer of precision optical, electronic and mechanical devices recognized worldwide as the most durable and highest performing available in the market. Graflex has supplied optical components for 28 years and specializes in Muzzle Boresights, Zoom Lenses, Pan & Tilt positioners, Video & Optics, Optical testing, customized optical designs, and mechanical configurations. Each product is built to exacting standards and withstands the harshest of environments without degradation throughout the life cycle.

Salvo Technologies acquired Graflex in November 2021.

The acquisition of Graflex further enhances Salvo Technologies’ in-house capabilities to produce and deliver its complete solutions to customers worldwide. The addition of Graflex upgrades Salvo’s global distribution footprint for our new and existing products.

Graflex designs, develops, and manufactures products that are recognized worldwide as the most durable and highest performing available. Each and every item is built to exacting standards and able to withstand the harshest of environments without degradation throughout the life cycle. We not only design and build to world standards, we set the world standard.


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Muzzle Boresights

Salvo Technologies’ boresight systems provide high-quality performance, reliability, flexibility, and value. A field-adjustable reticle allows for an unmatched accuracy range of ± .02 mils and immediate compensation for all environmental factors and worn gun tubes. The large objective provides high resolutions and superior light passage in the most undesirable overcast conditions. Magnifications of 8X, 10X, and 12X enhance capability and match most modern fire control systems. Nitrogen purged and sealed optical cells, aluminum and stainless steel construction, a mil specified and proven design provide years of trouble-free reliability and performance. The telescope interfaces with smaller caliber adapters (thru 40mm) via integral 5.56mm and 7.62mm stems, while large caliper designs include a permanent telescope interface. These adapters are mechanically perfect and inherently locate the exact mechanical centerline axis of even the most worn gun tubes. Salvo Technologies’ video boresight system (BCA) adds a new dimension to boresighting with a patented approach unrivaled by the competition.

Muzzle Boresights

Motorized Zoom Lens

Salvo Technologies Motorized Zoom Lenses have been designed and built to provide the utmost performance, reliability, and durability. Designed to meet the basic requirements of short, medium, or long-range systems, our broad line of zoom lenses will satisfy various applications. In addition to continuous zoom lenses, we also offer modular designs, custom brackets, extreme temperature gear motors, and unique electronic/electrical interfaces and enhancements that provide a wide range of options to satisfy many different requirements.

Our reputation for providing superb products, including a high degree of optical performance and the inherent design qualities meant to withstand the harshest of environments, is world-renowned. We consider that our lenses will be subjected to severe shock, whether mechanical or environmental; therefore, throughout the design stage, we apply debilitating vibration and extreme temperatures, making our lenses inherently rugged.

Motorized Zoom Lens

DragonEye Electro-Optic Sensor System

The DRAGONEYE Electro-Optical Sensor System uses advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one compact and modern design for surveillance and reconnaissance applications. It includes a high-performance thermal camera and day/night camera which can acquire targets at extensive ranges thanks to high sensitivity sensors and image enhancement algorithms. Once a target is acquired, the DRAGONEYE can pin point the target location using a highly accurate GPS, digital magnetic compass, and laser range finding system. The remote control unit with touchscreen can operate the motorized pan and tilt unit at user defined sensitivity levels and enable automatic tracking of motion detection.

– Mid-Wave Sensor
– HD Color TV
– Continuous Zoom (IR And Day)
– Integrated LRF, DMC And GPS Network Enabled
– Auto Target-Tracker
– Still Image Capture/ Video Record