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About Spectrecology

Spectrecology, founded in 2007, is a distributor of systems and components of modular spectroscopy for educational and environmental applications. Initially, the company began as a distributor of Ocean Optics products and then developed into a successful rental program that facilitates exciting scientific advancements.

Spectrecology is the lead expert in providing high-performance, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions. The company offers rental services for spectrometers, analyzers, and spectral cameras, as well as custom feasibility studies for sample testing. Spectrecology aims to be the go-to spectroscopy supplier in all markets by providing its customers with solutions tailored to their needs and superb customer support.

Salvo Technologies acquired Spectrecology in February 2021.

Spectrecology has a unique platform and deep customer knowledge base. The previous owner, Mike Morris, invented the miniature spectrometer when he started Ocean Optics. This was a monumental leap for Salvo as a whole, allowing us to provide our customers with the capabilities of analyzing and innovating.

The acquisition of Spectrecology bolsters Salvo Technologies’ manufacturing base by adding complementary solutions for the educational and environmental markets while allowing Salvo to serve its customer base efficiently.