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Next Phase Optics

Salvo Technologies acquired Next Phase Optics in April 2015.

Next Phase Optics, formerly Florida High Tech Optics, is a manufacturer and supplier of optical materials for the defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, and research markets.

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Salvo Technologies acquired EOITech in August 2018.

EOITech provides image sensor services for components used in various applications, including biomedical imaging, electron microscopy, X-ray imaging, and space applications.

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Salvo Technologies acquired Pixelteq in 2020.

PIXELTEQ micro-patterned optical coatings combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology. The company’s micro-patterned filters help create compact and cost-effective...

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Flash Photonics

Salvo Technologies acquired Flash Photonics in February 2020.

Flash Photonics is a US-based distributor of advanced optical sensing technologies. Partnering with multiple industry-leading manufacturers to bring customers the most innovative measurement-capable devices for optical monitoring and..

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Arrow Thin Films

Salvo Technologies acquired Arrow Thin Films in January 2021.

Arrow Thin Films is a high-volume manufacturer of optical coatings for the laser industry. Specializing in high laser damage components, Arrow routinely coats high reflectors, output couplers, beam splitters, and polarizing coatings with high extinction.

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Salvo Technologies acquired Spectrecology in February 2021.

Spectrecology, founded in 2007, is a distributor of systems and components of modular spectroscopy for educational and environmental applications. Initially, the company began as a distributor of Ocean Optics products and then developed into a successful rental program that facilitates exciting scientific advancements.

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Salvo Technologies acquired Kreischer Optics Ltd in April 2021.

Kreischer Optics is a leading manufacturer of complex optical components used in multiple segments, including the semiconductor, medical imaging, entertainment, security, defense, and commercial and optical metrology industries.

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Salvo Technologies acquired Graflex in November 2021.

Graflex, founded in 1993, is a designer and manufacturer of precision optical, electronic and mechanical devices recognized worldwide as the most durable and highest performing available in the market.

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