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Salvo Technologies Acquires Kreischer Optics Ltd

Salvo Technologies Acquires Kreischer Optics Ltd

Acquisition expands company’s offering to customers, adding complementary optical fabrication capabilities

Salvo Technologies Inc., a technology-based holding company, has acquired Kreischer Optics Ltd (McHenry, IL). Kreischer Optics is a leading manufacturer of complex optical components used in multiple segments including the semiconductor, medical imaging, entertainment, security and defense, as well as commercial and optical metrology industries. The acquisition increases Salvo Technologies’ manufacturing base, and adding complementary asphere and complex optical fabrication capabilities that allow Salvo Technologies to better serve its existing customer base.

Former Kreischer president Barry Tyler has been named the Director of Optical Fabrication Salvo Corporate and president of Kreischer Optics Ltd, a division of Salvo Technologies Inc.

“This acquisition completes a series of strategic moves to upgrade our manufacturing capabilities both through organic growth and investment, as well as acquisitions like Kreischer,” said John Dougherty, VP of Sales at Salvo Technologies. “Immediately following the Arrow Thin Films acquisition, Kreischer was an important linchpin in our overall strategy of creating a vertically integrated precision optical components group. Pair this with our internal investment in new CNC optical manufacturing equipment and coating platforms, and Salvo is now is at the scale of much larger manufacturers that just a year ago seemed out of reach. In addition, this mutually beneficial merger between Kreischer and Salvo Technologies allows the Kreischer family vision to continue. To say we have been very fortunate in our growth to gain new team members that really share in our passion is an understatement. Tina and her team members are amazing and we look forward to bringing them into the Salvo Group with eager anticipation of the future of the company.”

“I think I speak for the Kreischer team when I say this is a great opportunity for everyone involved,” said Barry Tyler, president of Kreischer Optics. “The Salvo platform allows our group to immediately enjoy a synergistic expansion. We are already working on projects that will double the size of the company in the first year! In addition, the added capabilities that Salvo brings to our product offering means that we can further serve our existing customers and reach new ones that we were unable to in the past. Kreischer is poised to grow exponentially over the coming years, which is exciting to the entire team.”

The acquisition is official as of today. Salvo Technologies will continue to notify customers and suppliers of the news. There will be no change in service or supply in the near term. The company will look at consolidating operations to increase efficiency in the future.

About Salvo Technologies, Inc.

Salvo Technologies Inc. invests in and develops manufacturing companies serving the defense, security, medical, industrial and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents. Its divisions provide a range of world-class products and services including imaging and sensing solutions with an emphasis on multispectral and polarimetric systems, high-reliability electronic and electro-optical components and assembly, optical filters, thin and thick film coatings and fire-control optics. Salvo Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Seminole, FL.

About Kreischer Optics Ltd

With over 70 years in the industry, Kreischer Optics has grown to be known as a go- to supplier for high end and complex optical components. Kreischer is known as one of the first companies to embrace the CNC optical fabrication techniques and was a beta test site for their development. Today Kreischer provides some of the most challenging products the that enable some of the most cutting- edge technologies. Providing enabling components in the medical imaging, semiconductor and security industries, Kreischer continues to be an innovator in the industry. Kreischer Optics is a privately held company in McHenry, IL.