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The Crucial Role of High Laser Damage Threshold Coatings on Optics



In the world of advanced laser technology, precision and reliability are paramount. Whether in industrial, medical, or military applications, the efficiency and longevity of laser systems depend on the quality of their components, particularly the optics. High laser damage threshold coatings on optics play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. In this newsletter, we will delve into the significance of these coatings and introduce Salvo Technologies as a leading supplier capable of achieving an impressive 7.5GW at 1064nm.

Why Do We Need High Laser Damage Threshold Coatings on Optics?

Power Handling Capability

One of the primary reasons for utilizing high laser damage threshold coatings on optics is to enhance their power handling capability. Laser systems are often designed to generate intense beams to achieve various tasks, such as cutting, welding, or materials processing. However, these high-power laser beams can cause substantial damage to conventional optics with low damage thresholds, leading to reduced lifespan and frequent replacements.

By employing optics with high laser damage threshold coatings, manufacturers can ensure the components can withstand the intensity of the laser without succumbing to damage. This not only increases the lifespan of the optics but also reduces downtime and maintenance costs, making laser systems more efficient and reliable.

Enhanced Efficiency

When the optics are capable of handling higher laser intensities, the laser systems can operate at their full potential without compromising performance. High laser damage threshold coatings ensure minimal energy loss during transmission through the optics, resulting in higher overall system efficiency.

Broad Spectrum of Applications

Different laser applications require specific power levels and wavelengths. Optics with high laser damage threshold coatings allow laser systems to be more versatile, catering to a broader range of applications. This adaptability is especially valuable in research, medical treatments, and industrial processes, where diverse laser parameters are necessary.

Salvo Technologies: A Leading Supplier with Exceptional Performance

Among the numerous suppliers in the market, Salvo Technologies stands out as a reliable and innovative provider of high laser damage threshold coatings on optics. Salvo Technologies has demonstrated its capabilities in achieving impressive results, reaching up to 7.5GW at 1064nm

Our cutting-edge technology and expertise in coating design and manufacturing ensure that their optics can withstand the harshest laser conditions, making them ideal for high-power industrial applications, scientific research, and military applications.

As seen in Figure 1, the data shows the absorption in one of our typical high LDT AR coatings at 1064nm. The three graphs represent absorption through a sample (1a), change in absorption as a function of time (1b), and absorption uniformity across a sample (1c).


Renegade Spectrometer UV-VIS 190 to 850nm



Figure 2. shows a histogram of a threshold test of a 355nm AR coating. As the fluence increases, the test shows the level at which damage started to occur.


High laser damage threshold coatings on optics are indispensable for ensuring the reliability of laser systems. These coatings enable optics to handle intense laser beams without succumbing to damage, resulting in extended lifespan, enhanced efficiency, and a broader spectrum of applications. As a prominent supplier, Salvo Technologies has proven its capability to achieve remarkable laser damage threshold levels. For any organization seeking this capability, please reach out to our technical team today at

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