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Flash Photonics and OptoSigma

Flash Photonics and OptoSigma Enter into a New Partnership

Flash Photonics, a global manufacturer of photonic systems and components based in the USA, with divisions in China, has entered into a new partnership and distribution agreement with OptoSigma. The agreement includes distribution of OptoSigma’s imaging modules and microscope systems, in addition to complimentary components, within the North and South American markets, via the Flash Photonics website and sales channels.

Within the agreement, OptoSigma will manufacture unique microscope imaging modules and systems for high-resolution imaging and inspection applications. The products are the ULWZ/LWZ, long working distance optical zoom microscopes, both manual or motorized versions, in addition to the fixed magnification OUCI (Optical Units with Co-Axial Illumination), modules and other offerings moving forward. Flash Photonics will distribute these products through its website and existing sales channels.

“We are very pleased to have signed this new partnership distribution agreement with OptoSigma, an experienced and reliable partner in the photonics industry. With this partnership, Flash Photonics expands its product portfolio and adds some more vital tools to our toolbox for our industrial, educational, environmental as well as our research and development customers, and overall optical sensing capabilities says Kevin Kaye, Director of Sales for Flash Photonics.

“We are very excited to be moving forward with Flash Photonics in this new venture for expanding our reach with these specialized microscope imaging products. We believe these unique products complement the existing Flash portfolio very well and we are confident in the experience Flash and their staff brings to the table”, says Dan Denison, Director of Sales and Marketing.

About Flash Photonics

Flash Photonics, Inc. is a US-based distributor of advanced optical sensing technologies. Partnering with multiple industry-leading manufacturers to bring customers the most innovative measurement-capable devices for optical sensing and spectroscopy (including Raman, LIBS, photoacoustic, fluorometry, photometry, UV/Vis and infrared systems), Flash Photonics provides expert fit-for-purpose atomic, molecular and material property measurements. Our mission is to deliver the best, most cost-effective solutions to customers’ analysis challenges. With extensive experience in industrial, environmental, and laboratory measurements, if a ready-made solution does not exist, our team will help find or with our capable channel partners design the best available system to solve the most challenging optical monitoring application needs.

About OptoSigma

A leader in optics, optical systems, optomechanics, manual and motorized positioning, and thin-film coatings for more than 20 years, OptoSigma is committed to providing solutions, together with unrivaled quality, service and engineering insight for customers on every product offered. Its global manufacturing locations enable it to best meet the customers’ needs for custom or catalog standard products, whether the focus is price, precision, delivery, or, a combination. OptoSigma also keeps a significant amount of inventory in stock so we can deliver promptly and on time. OptoSigma’s focus is to support both research and commercial business globally.

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