Thick Film Coatings


Salvo Coatings produces and develops a wide range of specialty thick film coatings. From low VOC marine grade product lines to single part epoxies and direct to metal coatings for the industrial market to powder coatings for medical applications Salvo’s unique product offering spans multiple industries and market segments. Salvo Coatings’ engineering staff also understands each markets primary drivers in both performance and cost. Our team will work with you to ensure that the solution we provide is just that a solution and not just gallons of paint. In addition we don’t have the “not made here” syndrome. We have industrial partners like PPG Paints domestically and Dae Hwa coatings internationally that allow us to provide standard coatings but also give us the flexibility to modify these standard coatings if the application and volume require it.

A member of Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Coatings is a boutique coating firm that specializes in custom formulations for industrial, medical, and military applications. It offers a broad range of products from optical thin film to industrial thick film coatings. Products range from anti-reflection treatments for lenses to thermoplastic paints for metals. With both on-shore and off-shore production capabilities, Salvo Coatings has the ability to produce small volumes close to the facilities of domestic customers, and large volumes overseas with competitive pricing, strict compliance to specifications, at very large capacities.

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