Spinel and Ceramic Materials


Spinel and Ceramic Materials – Salvo Electro Optics can supply ceramic materials including spinel, alon and ceramic YAG.  Spinel is a ballistic qualified transparent armor.  Recently optical spinel has reached the market place.  This optical grade spinel can be used for highly durable and scratch resistant optics.  Spinel is nearly as hard as diamond and as difficult to scratch which is perfect for extreme conditions.  From port windows on turbines and furnaces, to multispectral windows on ship board camera systems, to scratch resistant watch faces the applications for optical grade spinel are endless.  For the commercial grade spinel the extremely low CTE make the material perfect for front side mirrors where temperature stability is essential.

A member of the Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Electro Optics specializes in the design and fabrication of optical components for OEM customers.  Their products range from standard optics such as mirrors, and windows to more complex optics like aspheres. In addition, Salvo Electro Optics stocks standard and custom lenses for a variety of markets that includes security and defense, medical, semiconductor, industrial, and science and technology.  A member of Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Electro Optics is supported by fabrication and R&D facilities in the United States as well as off shore.  Salvo Electro Optics is ITAR, ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Registered.

If your application could benefit from upgrading to spinel or another ceramic material please visit our website at www.salvoeo.com or contact one of our sales engineers today as sales@salvoeo.com.