COTS Modification and Truncating Services


COTS Modification and Truncating Services

COTS Modification and Truncating Services - Next Phase Optics provides truncating and modification of commercial off the shelf (COTS) optics.  The optical component industry has a very large stock of COTS optics available for quick delivery.  That being said even with this large inventory optical designers oftentimes find themselves purchasing custom optics as the stock optics available is not quite what is needed.  Salvo Technologies purchased Next Phase Optics (formerly Florida High Tech Optics) for this very reason.

Next Phase Optics is an experienced and well-tooled supplier of optical part modification and truncating services.  Next Phase Optics can take optics of all shapes and sizes and repurpose them to fit your application.  Need to have something as simple as a diameter turned down or as complex as repurposing a corner cube into a prism?  Maybe the surface quality, figure, or parallelism isn't quite what you need.  Next Phase Optics can help.  Modification and truncating COTS optics also reduces lead time substantially over ordering custom optics.

Next Phase Optics originated 30 years ago when Ed and Dawn Zacharias departed Litton Laser to form Florida High Tech Optics in Bradenton Florida.  For 20 years Florida High Tech served the defense, aerospace, industrial, medical, and research industries building a reputation for a high level of customer service and quality workmanship.  In 2009 Florida High Tech received the prestigious L3 Supper Award supporting our troops in Irag and Afghanistan.  In 2014 Florida High Tech was purchased and the name was changed to Next Phase Optics.  Building on that strong foundation the management of NPO quickly expanded the offerings and capabilities which caught the attention of Salvo Technologies Inc initially as a valued supplier.  Ultimately Salvo Technologies purchased NPO in 2015 bringing even more capability and opportunity to their very experienced team while maintaining the high level of quality and customer support they have been known for in the industry for decades.

If you think you could utilize NPO's COTS modification and truncating service visit our website or reach out to one of our sales engineers at and find out if this service is right for your application.