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Laser World of Photonics

Laser World of Photonics China, 9-Band PixelCam and RS1 Water Analyzer

Salvo Technologies to be at the Laser World of Photonics in Shanghai, China!

Laser World of Photonics
On July 3rd-5th, Salvo Technologies will be joining Brilliant Optics at the Laser World of Photonics in Shanghai, China! Asia’s largest trade fair will be exhibiting the entire range of photonics from over one thousand companies globally, as well as regrouping experts from all over the world. Laser World of Photonics China, now the leading photonics exhibition, provides insight into the latest technologies and applications in all electronics sectors.

Make sure to visit the Brilliant Optics booth located on 7.1F231!

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Salvo Imaging’s NEW 9-Band PixelCam

9-Band PixelCam
Salvo Technologies has added a standard configuration 9-band visible PixelCam to its portfolio of snapshot multispectral imagers. The new product will complement the existing 4-band and 6-band visible products, as well as the 3-band and 4-band SWIR devices previously developed and sold under the Pixelteq brand by Ocean Insight. In April of this year, Salvo purchased the manufacturing portion of the business from Ocean Insight and will be completely revamping the product line to add more standard options. As always, Salvo is able to make custom versions of its patented pixelated technology. The unique combination of the semiconductor industry’s lithographic processes with optical thin film coatings enables a wide variety of products. Additionally, the high-resolution retail camera features a 16 MP image array which allows for up to 1MP per band. The high frame rate allows this camera to be utilized in dynamic scenes.

The 9-band PixelCam is available for sale now and for a low cost, you can now try our demo versions upon request.

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Introducing Custom Sensors & Technology’s RS1 Water Analyzer

RS1 Water Analyzer
The RS1 is designed to perform fully automated colorimetric measurements and deliver the product of the chemical reaction to an analysis cell in a known volume of sample from a stream and mixes it with up to three reagents in succession. After each reagent addition, a mixing cycle is performed followed by a variable reaction delay. Once the solution is transported to a heated measurement cell where the compound of interest can be determined via an absorbance measurement. The RS1 is designed to be mounted near to the pipeline containing the sample of interest which is retrieved from the pipeline via a fast loop.

You may now view the datasheet and request a quote online!

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