Salvo Electro-Optics (Salvo EO) specializes in the fabrication of optical and electro-optical components and assemblies. Their products range from fire-control optics and eye piece, zoom and objective sub-assemblies to full systems including range finders. In addition, Salvo EO stocks standard and custom lenses for markets such as security and defense, medical, semiconductor, industrial, and science and technology. The company also supplies laser gain media and nonlinear crystals.

Salvo Electro-Optics fabricate a full range of optical components, including beamsplitters, filters, output couplers, and etalons, as well as laser gain media and nonlinear crystals. Salvo EO also offers assembly services, freeing up tier-one contractors to focus on design and integration.

At the heart of Salvo EO is a team of qualified engineers with broad expertise in the fields of optical, electrical, and mechanical design. This enables them to understand the rigorous tolerances needed for high-precision scopes and assemblies, and solve the trickiest problems. As part of the Salvo Technologies group of companies, Salvo EO can access the engineering capabilities of Salvo Defense and Salvo Coatings to customize systems to achieve design goals. At the same time, it can also leverage the volume production capabilities of Salvo Coatings and the electronics expertise of Salvo Electronics to support its supply chain, and utilize partners such as Hunt Distributing Co. LLC (HDC) to distribute its products around the globe to its already established dealer network.

Salvo Electro- Optics Products