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Water Treatment

The RS-1 Water Analyzer is engineered to automate laborious ASTM laboratory-based tests in a process context while delivering precise concentration values for numerous water quality applications. Connect the sample input, outlet, reagent, and waste line as directed before turning on the analyzer. With the help of user-friendly software and a 7” intuitive touchscreen display, information and customization possibilities are readily available. As a result, users will gain from more testing and quicker turnaround times while precision, repeatability, and throughput increase.

Application1 Concentration Range2 Part Number (RS1-ABC-DEF-G-H) Reagent Set Part Number
Silica 500 ppb RS1-001-500 RS1-001-500-RS
Manganese 2 ppm RS1-002-002 RS1-002-002-RS
Phosphate 10 ppm RS1-003-010 RS1-003-010-RS
Aluminum 300 ppb RS1-004-300 RS1-004-300-RS
Ammonia 3 ppm RS1-005-003 RS1-005-003-RS
Copper 3 ppm RS1-006-003 RS1-006-003-RS
Hardness 1 ppm RS1-007-001 RS1-007-001-RS
Hydrazine 500 ppb RS1-008-500 RS1-008-500-RS
Iron 1 ppm RS1-009-001 RS1-009-001-RS

These Advanced design features provide broad benefits to users:

  • Yearly maintenance
  • Use of a single TFE rotary valve for single or multiple stream applications
  • Low-volume TFE transport tubing
  • Zero dead volume rotary valve
  • Micro-stepper motor-controlled piston pump

Supplied with a 5th-generation photometric transmitter and offers the following features:

  • Long-lived LED sources
  • PPB to PPM ranges available
  • Independent mixing and reaction chambers
  • Temperature-controlled reaction chamber