Shepherd Scopes


Shepherd Scopes – The technology for Shepherd Scopes was developed in 1978 and Shepherd has been selling their patented range finding fire control optics for more than 35 years.  The novel approach to hunting and target shooting has been praised by 1000’s of shooters worldwide.  In addition the one shot zero function allows, as the name indicates, the shooter to zero the scope on a rifle in one shot.  It also reduces the usage of the turrets and makes using shot tables and extensive training obsolete.  As an added bonus if the scope gets bumped or misaligned the reticles will let the shooter know without firing a shot.  A day at the range and a novice can be shooting four inch targets at 300 yards.  It novel approach is amazingly accurate when applied correctly.

In early 2016 Shepherd Enterprises was purchased by Salvo Technologies Inc.  The complimentary product offerings were consolidated and the Shepherd product line was expanded.  That same year Shepherd launched their first thermal product line through cooperation with Armasight.  The standard Shepherd product offering was updated with larger tube diameters as well as larger objectives for better FOV and new tactical products with versions made in the US hit the market.  Indeed this is no longer your father’s scope company.  Everyone from novice through expert hunter to security/law enforcement officer can utilize the technology to become a more accurate shooter.

Launched in 1981 by Dan Shepherd, Shepherd Enterprises distributes, customizes, and designs a range of lightweight fire control optics with their patented and copywrited two reticle approach to one shot zero and range finding. The success of the company is driven by this unique approach. For the past three plus decades Shepherd scopes has evolved into a trusted brand in the market. By partnering with its sister divisions Shepherd will now have access to a much more diverse product offering but still maintain this same hands on approach. By leveraging the new Salvo products which also utilize a two reticle system, the product possibilities are endless.

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