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Remote Sensing

We have remote sensing filters that enable analysis from great distances. These filters target precise frequency ranges for accurate spectral imaging from sensors in satellites, aircraft, and crewless vehicles. As the original manufacturer, we can develop custom remote-sensing filters for any application.

Contact us today to inquire about our inventory to find your desired frequency range-let us know the filter size, shape, and frequency range most compatible with your equipment.

Features and Benefits of Remote Sensing Bandpass Filter

The remote sensing filters comprise borosilicate glass cut to the optimal size for your equipment. Each remote-sensing optical filter allows a specific visible or infrared frequency range to pass through while reflecting or absorbing all undesired light. Any light within the acceptable frequency range transmits at roughly 90%.

We name each bandpass filter with two measurements in nanometers (nm). The first number refers to the center wavelength (CWL) it transmits, while the second number describes the full width at half maximum (FWHM) or the deviation amount on each side of the CWL, which shapes the wavelength range. Our remote sensing bandpass filter ranges include:

  • 725nm FWHM 40nm
  • 660nm FWHM 59nm
  • 542nm FWHM 70nm
  • 482nm FWHM 56nm

We can customize filters for specific spectral bands, equipment specs, sample quantities, and shapes.

Optical filters for remote sensing applications are versatile for spectral imaging at great distances. These filters allow the image-capturing devices to target specific frequency ranges to record accurate measurements for comparison with other ground-level measurements. We produce remote sensing filters for visible and infrared spectral bands that various industries use to monitor and analyze natural and artificial subjects.

  • Agriculture: Use remote sensing filters to monitor fields or forests from the air by targeting the infrared light that plants reflect. Our technology helps to improve crop production, monitor agitation health, and assess forest canopy.
  • Geology: Remote sensing bandpass filters can single out specific geological features like minerals, bodies of water, vegetation, roads, and more. Each feature reflects a different visible wavelength. By limiting vision to a specific frequency, analysts can take deeper measurements and focus their calculations.
  • Specialized applications: Specialty groups like defense organizations use satellite and aerial data to monitor spaces from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our filters are compatible with various application-specific cameras and sensors.

Remote Sensing Customization

Remote-sensing optical filters are versatile tools for application-specific machinery used in various industries. You can find affordable rates on durable optical filters.

We do more than just supply filters — we manufacture them. Unlike competitors, we can tailor filters to your project subjects and sensors. It’s our mission to ensure every filter we produce meets the highest quality standards while serving a precise function.

Our customer service team will work closely with you to ensure you receive a filter that meets your specific needs. For more on our remote sensing optical filter options or to discuss your application, contact us today!