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Radius Optics

1. Asphere
2. Freeform
3. Spherical

Data Sheet

Salvo Technologies was one of the first to develop the CNC asphere process along with the already established conventional methods employed since our beginnings in 1948. We have developed a reputation as a cutting-edge producer of aspheric lenses, capable of achieving geometries most don’t consider possible with our recent addition of 200mm asphere and acylinder manufacturing capabilities.

The hidden gem of Salvo Technologies is the highly capable cylinder production line. Salvo Technologies use CNC manufacturing coupled with conventional proprietary methods to efficiently produce the highest quality glass cylinders in the market. Salvo Technologies eliminate almost all tooling charges, and our techniques are conducive to both prototype and production quantities.

As a world leader in manufacturing custom glass lenses, Salvo Technologies meet your specifications for prototyping spherical lenses through CNC and conventional methods. With our origins in making test plates, we have developed an unmatched reputation in the industry for producing high-quality spherical lenses for clients like you, who have customers demanding high quality.