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Dragoneye Airfield Forward Sight Surveillance System

Salvo Technologies offers a complete family of products to support your Positioning requirements, including Pan & Tilts, Controllers, Power Supplies, and Standard or Custom Cables. Salvo Technologies’ Pan & Tilt Positioners collection and related products are entirely manufactured in the USA of all domestic components. Well-developed and used extensively in difficult environments, Salvo Technologies are designed to provide years of trouble-free service with little or no maintenance.

  • A selection of payload capacities
  • Positioning accuracy
  • Slip-ring capacities
  • PTE series provides “workhorse” performance at an economical price level
  • PT series provide precision accuracy but remains industry competitive in terms of cost.
  • Pan & Tilt Positioners are manufactured in the USA of all domestic components.
  • High slip-ring count
  • Continuous azimuth
  • Wide elevation limit
  • Brushed DC motors.
  • Extreme durability
  • Selectable control and communication standards
  • High MTBF
  • Zero maintenance designs.
  • Lightweight, extreme strength Carbon Fiber Enclosures

The PT series is offered in 75 and 150-pound payload capacities, a resolution of .0004°, and a pan velocity of 60 degrees/second. The PTE series is offered in 40 and 90-pound capacities, resolutions to .04°, and pan velocities up to 60 degrees/second. The PTE series may be ordered with high torque motors for increased payload capacities and digital encoders for improved resolution. In addition, the Pan & Tilt Positioners may be ordered with several semi-standard slip rings accommodating your special payload pass-thru requirements.

Salvo Technologies offers four methods for controlling your Pan & Tilt Positioner. Our powerful GUI is included with every Pan & Tilt allowing for complete control and set-up. Salvo Technologies’ lightweight, extreme strength Carbon Fiber Enclosures offer notable weight reductions and, with this, potentially the need for a lower capacity Pan & Tilt, significant cost savings. Salvo Technologies Carbon Fiber Enclosures are offered in standard and custom sizes/shapes, satisfying almost any application.

Salvo Technologies provides a powerful Graphic User Interface (GUI) with every Pan & Tilt as standard. The GUI offers manual direction, speed control, and absolute control (degrees) while storing up to 256 preset positions; presets may be linked to provide up to 16 sequences. The GUI also includes access to all Pan & Tilt set-up functions while assigning Comm Ports and Baud rates.

GUI control functions include azimuth and elevation, directional speed, up to 16 presets, 2 sequences (up to 8 presets each), and quick position “zeroing.”

Salvo Technologies PTC80 Desktop Controller is packaged within a compact and steel sloped enclosure offering an inquisitive means of controlling azimuth and elevation, directional speed, up to 10 presets, 2 sequences (up to 5 presets each), and quick position “zeroing.” The PTC180 is packaged in a slightly larger sloped top box but will control up to 4 Pan & Tilts and 2 Zoom Lenses.

Dragoneye uses advanced technologies and offers different sensors in one compact and ergonomic design. It comprises a thermal imaging sensor, a color day camera, and an eye-safe laser range finder.

  • Border Surveillance
  • Coastal Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Long Range Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement

Dragoneye is a state-of-the-art product fulfilling the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges. The user can use a high-performance thermal imaging sensor for day and night observation and target positioning capability. Any threat may be located with high accuracy by simply pushing the laser range button, and the system displays the target coordinate. It performs all calculations with its embedded software without user intervention.

  • Network Enabled
  • Auto Target-Tracker
  • Still Image Capture/ Video Record
  • Continuous optical zoom
  • Digital video outputs
  • Automatic Motion Detection
  • Automatic image optimization and image enhancement
  • Coordinates of a target are calculated in real-time
  • Advanced User Interface
  • External software update
  • Optical Cleaning Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Transportation Case
  • AC/DC Converter
  • Cable Set