Designed for Medical care

Salvo Technologies’ unique value proposition lends it to the medical market. By controlling the supply chain throughout the value stream Salvo is positioned to provide the best value, delivery, and flexibility for the medical marketplace. Applications from PCR and blood oxygen measurement to tissue imaging and wound care, Salvo has products that provide next-generation tools for the medical equipment manufacturers saving space, increasing accuracy, and saving lives.


Designing medical devices can seem like a monumental task.  From the regulations to the ever changing suite of options for sensing and imaging sometimes its hard to get started.  Salvo Technologies and its partners are a wealth of information and opportunity for startups and industry leaders alike.  By creating products and services that are aligned with the needs of the medical market it makes the process much more efficient. 

Quality Guarantee

Quality is a leading driver in the Salvo organization.  From the top down every team member is committed and responsible to maintain the highest level of quality and adhere to the corporate wide quality process.  Salvo is in the process of becoming ISO 14385 registered, and already holds ISO9001 and AS9100 registrations.