Industrial & Semiconductor Industries

Salvo Technologies has multiple business units that serve the industrial and semiconductor industries.  From wafer coating services for Cell Phone manufacturers to test equipment for color measurement Salvo understands the 24-7 world that is never sleeping.  Salvo has offshore service centers around the world to be able to make sure that no line is ever down and if there is a catastrophic event service technicians are on site in hours not days.  When reliability counts Salvo is your go-to supplier.


Industrial Process Control 

Salvo Technologies works in the industrial process control market providing solutions in Pharma, Beverage, Sorting and Chemical processing operations.  With products including long path flow cells, inline color measurement and sterilization illumination Salvo Technologies has a full range of options when it comes to solving Industrial Process Control problems.  Subject matter experts work with application scientists to solve many of our customers most challenging problems and then support the development through mass production. 

Electronic Components

Salvo Technologies specializes in hard-to-find, end-of-life and obsolete electronic component procurement and up screening.  In addition, Salvo can provide cable assemblies, PCB population, and box builds.  With in-house wave soldering, wire bonding and dicing with pick-and-place capabilities, Salvo can take multiple vendor supply chains down to one instantly saving large companies time and money.  

Sensor Design

Salvo Technologies’ vertically integrated strategy goes all upstream to sensor design.  The engineering team can customize a sensor or upgrade existing sensors to create photopic solutions for multiple applications.  As the Internet of Things grew Salvo played its part in smart connected sensors throughout industrial processes.  With the ability to add imagers to machine platforms or retrofit test equipment with new upgraded sensors Salvo is poised to help integrators through challenging compressed semiconductor cycles plagued with end of life and obsolescence. 

The production facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.