EOITech is a sensing and imaging focused company that combines unique processes including microarray hybridization, fiber optic faceplate mounting, coverglass removal, and UV image sensor enhancement with innovative products such as miniature/ruggedized Raman sensing, X-Ray and multispectral/hyperspectral cameras to solve complex problems in the medical, consumer, and industrial markets. EOITech was formed to bridge the gap between research and science and commercialization of products. By allowing industry a pathway to cutting edge technology, EOITech short circuits the development path.

EOITech is both a service provider as well as a product innovator. EOITech, as a service provider, is able to take a commercially available Sony detector and hybridize a multispectral mosaic array, polarimetric pixelated filter or fiber optic taper to create a deployable product in weeks rather than months or years. EOITech is also a product innovator offering single point, ruggedized Raman which can be implemented into handheld devices. Whether integrating hardware into a system or the entire system EOITech is now positioned to provide a full spectrum.

EOI Tech Products