We aim to become the go-to supplier in our chosen markets through

Superior engineering
Finely tuned market awareness…
Intelligent growth

First and foremost, that means fostering growth by empowering our business units to innovate and excel. It also means expanding by acquisition, analyzing our suppliers and collaborators to partner with best-in-class firms whose portfolio of products and services complements our existing organization

Empower to achieve succes

Synergy is an overused word, but the ideal acquisition improves every business unit within Salvo Technologies at the same time that it maintains a distinct identity, value proposition, and customer base. When we acquire a company, we empower them to continue their track record of success; we don’t take over and try to turn them into something else.

Commitment to open innovation

We award grants with no strings attached

Another expression of intelligent growth is our commitment to open innovation. In keeping with the fundamental principles of open innovation framework, we recognize that the most effective product development takes place within a collaborative environment. In-house research and development alone is no longer sufficient to deliver the performance and speed of development required by today’s market. 


At Salvo Technologies, we invest annually in outside research


Funding promising projects ranging from basic science to late-stage development, from academic groups to start-ups.


We award grants with no strings attached; at the same time, we select projects and participants based on how effectively their work aligns with our overall strategy.


In our pursuit of excellence, we have set aggressive compound growth targets.


Our integrated strategy of intelligent growth equips us to not only meet, but to exceed those goals.