Science & Technology

Research and Science is a key market segment for Salvo Technologies.  This is where the cutting edge innovations are needed and that is where the Salvo team excels.  The market is served by multiple groups with in Salvo Technologies.  Through our distribution group, Flash Photonics, Salvo is able to create a full toolbox of optical sensing and imaging products that cater to the researcher whether in academia or industry. 

IR Spectroscopy Systems

Salvo Technologies manufacturers and distributes field portable spectroscopy equipment for the research market.  From the UV through the IR Salvo has solutions for various applications including biomedical, pharmaceutical, industrial and semiconductor.  Applications such as whole blood measurements, etch end point detection and color measurement are routinely conducted.  Salvo can provide standalone equipment or help develop custom solutions. 

To ensure quality top to bottom, the facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.