A member of Salvo Technologies Inc. family of companies, Salvo Coatings was formerly owned by Ocean Optics under the brand name Pixelteq. Salvo Technologies purchased the manufacturing assets, hired the staff and licensed the IP to produce the Pixelteq products under the Salvo Coatings brand. Both Salvo and Ocean Insight will sell the products that are manufactured by Salvo Coatings.

Salvo Coatings combines the microlithographic processes of the semiconductor industry with precision optical thin film coatings to create a wide range of multispectral and hyperspectral sensing and imaging products. Products include Hyperspectral point sensing and linescan cameras using Linear Variable Filter Technology, Multispectral point sensing and 2D imaging platforms using pixelated dielectric filters as well as polarimetric imagers using nano imprint lithography. These products enable key technologies in the Industrial, Environmental, Defense, Agriculture as well as the Biomedical and Lifesciences Industries

Salvo Coatings draws on its sister organizations like Salvo Imaging, Salvo EO and Salvo Defense to better understand the needs of its customer base. At the same time, it also provides design, prototyping, test, and production-scale thin film coating manufacturing on and offshore for all of the organizations within Salvo Technologies. Its US facility is an ISO 9001, AS9100 and ITAR registered facility. The facility in Qindao China produces consumer and commercial optics in high volume.

Salvo Coatings Products