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ReX Realtime X-ray Cameras
1. High Dynamic Range
2. Versatile
3. High Sensitivity
4. Large Image Area with High Resolution
5. Flexible Software

X-Ray ReX-1

The ability to image X-rays in real-time simply and quickly is the ReX’s mission in life. The ReX is a high-sensitivity, video-rate X-ray imaging system for general-purpose X-ray imaging tasks, especially in applications with low intensity at the detector position. The system’s ability to adjust video frame rate, integration time and intensifier gain allows the ReX to image X-rays over a wide range of input illuminations.

Suiting a wide range of applications, we provide the ReX system to provide real-time visualization for general-purpose X-ray imaging applications in academic and industrial settings. The standard version utilizes a phosphor optimized for imaging energies in the range of 10-30 keV, but versions suitable for higher and lower energy ranges are available.

Utilizing the latest CMOS imagers and high-performance image intensification technology fiber-optically coupled, the ReX provides high sensitivity for imaging even low-flux X-ray beams or images in real-time. The sensor module converts X-rays into visible light using a scintillator. The light is then amplified by an intensifier and imaged by a CMOS video camera fiber-optically coupled to the output of the intensifier.

A range of input image areas are available to tailor the system to the application further, should that be necessary, with pixel sizes as small as 11μm. The detector head can be free-standing or may be mounted using the built-in universal camera mount. The system is self-powered by a dual USB connection.

The system consists of a detector head with a USB 2.0 interface. It is supplied with the ReX software application allowing control of image acquisition and adjustment of the detector parameters, including frame rate, integration time, video gain, and intensifier gain, among other things. The ReX software can either be pre-loaded onto a dedicated microcomputer supplied as an option with the system or may be installed on a computer of the user’s choice.