Specialty Thin Film Coatings


Specialty Thin Film Coatings – Salvo Coatings now provides specialty thin film coatings to the photonics industry.  From the UV to the IR with special emphasis in the SWIR and MidWave regions Salvo Coatings uses the latest in vacuum coating technology to provide anti-reflective coatings, high reflective mirrors, metal coatings, bandpass coatings, and even specialty coatings such as ITO and multiband dielectrics.  Whether your application calls for high laser damage or narrow bandwidth bandpass coatings bring your ideas to Salvo Coatings and see how we can help you create truly innovative products.

With a unique background in various coating technologies Salvo Coatings engineers understand how to look at problems in different ways and think outside the box.  We are not just a supplier but also a partner and valuable resource to our customers.  We will match the correct coating platform to the application allowing the application to drive the decision not the sales person.  Many times we see opportunities in manufacturing when customers bring us their designs.  We can help drive out inefficiencies and ultimately cost while providing the same or often times better performance.

A member of Salvo Technologies Inc family of companies, Salvo Coatings is a boutique coating firm that specializes in custom formulations for industrial, medical, and military applications.  It offers a broad range of products from optical thin film to industrial thick film coatings.  Products range from anti-reflection treatments for lenses to thermoplastic paints for metals.  With both on-shore and off-shore production capabilities, Salvo Coatings has the ability to produce small volumes close to the facilities of domestic customers, and large volumes overseas with competitive pricing, strict compliance to specifications, at very large capacities.

Visit us at www.salvocoatings.com or reach out to one of our sales engineers today at sales@salvocoatings.com.