Moku:Lab – The Moku:Lab, from Liquid Instruments, is a compact 12-in-1 electronic test and measurement instrument. This software-reconfigurable hardware platform combines the signal processing power of an FPGA with high-speed analog inputs and outputs to bring you a new level of flexibility in the lab, in the field or on the production line. Requiring use with an iPad®, the Moku:Lab delivers a fluid and intuitive user interface. Instead of buttons and knobs, users can visually control the instrument parameters with the swipe of a finger and multi-touch gesture capability to instantly see how the parameters affect results. The 12 included premier professional-grade electronic test instruments include the following:

  • – Lock-in Amplifier
  • – Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • – PID Controller
  • – Bode Analyzer
  • – Laser Lock Box (NEW!)
  • – Phasemeter
  • – Oscilloscope
  • – Spectrum Analyzer
  • – Digital Filter Box
  • – Waveform Generator
  • – Data Logger
  • – FIR Filter Builder

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