Image Sensor Cover Glass Removal


Image Sensor Cover Glass Removal – Some image sensors are available with a temporary cover glass, but many, including the most popular types in current production, are not. We’re there for you. With a range of techniques at our disposal, even the most difficult to remove cover glass on today’s high performance CMOS image sensors is possible.

This service often works in conjunction with our fiber optic bonding services for faceplates, or fiber optics tapers when the required image sensor is only available with a sealed cover glass. We can also supply and install a wide range of filters to enhance the sensor performance for specific applications – either in place of the cover glass or directly onto the image sensor surface, creating a resilient assembly without the need for external filter mounting fixtures. Furthermore, coatings which enhance the spectral performance of the image sensor can be integrated either directly onto the sensor surface or on top of a fiber optic, allowing the possibility of UV, X-ray and electron detection, for example.

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