High-Performance Raman Spectrometers


We provide our customers with various different models of Raman spectrometers from Ocean Insights with advanced sensitivity and an expansive dynamic range. These devices have a 15,000 spectra buffer that supports 125 full-spectrum kinetics measurements per second. On top of this, their thermoelectric cooling (TEC) capability maintains device temperature, diminishing noise and providing better overall stability during lengthy applications.

Our fiber optic-based Raman spectrometers come with a back-thinned FFT-CCD detector and gold-coated mirrors. Each device features a >1000:1 signal-to-noise ratio, with Raman shifts of 0-3000 cm-1 (using a spectrometer) and 150-3000 cm-1 (using a standard Raman probe).

Many different industries utilize the applications for Raman spectrometers, including, but not limited to: pharmaceuticals, life sciences and cosmetics.
Contact our team today to discuss what data you need to collect. We’ll help you decide which model and accessories are the best fit for you.