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45 Degree

We provide optical filters for imaging and sensing products. We carry 45-degree specialty filters that combine light from multiple lasers or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into a standard light path. You can also use them to separate white light or fluorescent emission bands and excitations into discrete components.

These specialty filters operate at a 45-degree angle of incidence, transmitting or reflecting regions of the visible light spectrum with maximum efficiency. We can customize these filters to your specifications to meet your unique needs.

Features and Benefits of the 45-Degree Filter

Our 45-degree specialty filters have many advanced features. We create them using a proprietary sputtering technology, which ensures their stability even in harsh environmental conditions. Moreover, they are virtually absorption-free, allowing for rich, saturated colors, superior transmission, and reliable performance. They also have a steep edge transition between short-wavelength transmission bands and long-wavelength reflection bands — significantly steeper than polymer gels or colored glass.

Other features and benefits of our 45-degree optical filters include:

  • High reflection and transmission values.
  • Ability to use them in. reflection or transmission mode.
  • Shift-free spectral stability at fluctuating operating temperatures and humidity levels.
  • Narrow cut-on/-off tolerances with exceptional spectral uniformity.
  • Age- and fade-resistant color.
  • Durability and scratch resistance.

Applications for the 45-Degree Specialty Filter

These 45-degree filters can be used for many applications, including:

  • Color separation for high-output lamp illumination.
  • Combining multiple lasers and LEDs for solid-state illumination.
  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and micro-mirror illumination.
  • Digital cinema and projection.
  • Filter Customization

We offer numerous customization options. In addition, we engineer our custom original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versions for your specific optics and illumination sources to deliver your targeted color output.

We can match cut-on/-off angles and wavelengths for lasers, lamps, and LEDs. Moreover, we configure our solutions to fit your application, meeting your specific substrate, shape, and size requirements.

Color filters often combine or match other filter types to optimize your application’s performance.

Some complementary options include:

  • Color correction filters: Modify the correlated color temperature of one lamp type to match another.
  • Broadband mirrors: Preserve the transmission color, level, and image quality with durable, highly reflective mirrors.
  • Cold mirrors: Reflect visible light into the illumination path and transmit infrared light and heat through the outside or rear of the reflector.
  • UV-IR filters: Transmit visible colors while blocking infrared or ultraviolet (UV) light.