Next Phase Optics Acquisition Case Study

Next Phase Optics Acquisition Case Study


Next Phase Optics is a manufacturer and supplier of optical materials for the defense, aerospace, industrial, medical and research markets. The company specializes in providing raw and semi-finished optical materials, glass wafers of all types (UV/VIS/IR) and lens blanks, as well as custom modification of commercially available off-the-shelf optics for its customers. Founded as Florida High-Tech Optics in 1992, the company had been operating for over 20 years when the owners sold the business to their friend and fellow optician, Ted Kamprath. Ted leveraged his experience in the industry and numerous professional connections to staff his business with experienced opticians, and the newly renamed Next Phase Optics was off to a strong start.

Deciding to Sell

After several years of strong results, Ted lost a business partner, which changed the balance of his workload. In addition, his wife had taken a new job over an hour away. The increased work coupled with diminished time with his wife and two young children started putting pressure on Ted and his family. As a result, Ted and his wife decided to consider the option of selling Next Phase Optics.

After reaching out to a few other optics companies, Ted contacted Salvo Technologies. While Ted knew Salvo’s vice presidents, John Dougherty and PJ Bass, for years during his career, there was still something that separated Salvo’s offer from other optics companies’. “It wasn’t just viewed as a purchase by Salvo Technologies,” recalled Ted. “I was treated with sincere respect. They understood the gravity of the situation and considered my employees’ as well as my own futures post-acquisition, from the very start.”

The Acquisition

Upon reaching an agreement, the acquisition process took place in 2014. Over the course of about one month, Salvo staff packed and shipped the company’s equipment to Salvo headquarters in Seminole, Florida. Every single Next Phase Optics employee was offered and accepted full-time positions under the company’s new ownership.

After discussing his options with Salvo, Ted decided that his own new role would be providing sales consulting for Salvo Technologies, a position which they gladly extended along with a generous commission program.


Next Phase Optics continues to thrive under the Salvo umbrella, which affirms Ted’s decision to sell his company to this day. “Salvo Technologies does not just exist to make money,” remarked Ted. “They are dedicated to growth and dedicated to the optics industry. They are serious about acquisitions and showing the industry who they are. There’s only a handful of companies that come to mind when you talk about shops that can produce the quality of optics that Salvo can produce now. It’s clear that I left my business in very capable hands. I’m glad I made my decision and would advise anyone to do the same.”