Salvo Defense

Salvo Technologies has a strong focus in the global security market.  Working together with US military as well other NATO friendly nations, Salvo Technologies provides a full range of solutions.  From sensing and imaging platforms, to standard optical and electrical components used in military systems, Salvo Technologies works with Tier I suppliers as well as directly with governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide. 

Salvo Imaging Solutions

Salvo Technologies designs, manufactures and tests optical products including fire control optics, remote sensing, and imaging systems for military applications.  Salvo produces a line of durable fire control optics for use in combat which were designed and developed internally.  In addition Salvo Imaging focuses in low light applications and target designation including Long Waver, Mid Wave as well as Short Wave Infrared imaging systems. Salvo Technologies can modify COT’s sensors to provide spectral and/or polarimetric content.  Custom Bayer and Custom Mosaic filters can be integrated on to existing focal plane arrays and devices using these products are routinely implemented to provide more positive identification and content for a scene.  Enhanced fielded devices like the Laser Spotting monocular improve usability by providing a solution that doesn’t need day time filters creating better situational awareness with less risk of mistakes.


Meanwhile, sister division Salvo Defense provides engineering services to develop custom solutions for specific jobs and innovative products for the larger market. The project development of the Sapphire Fire Control rifle sight provides a good example.

Salvo Defense teamed with firearms specialist HDC to develop the design, which was first prototyped then fabricated in volume by Salvo Coatings and Salvo EO; HDC provides worldwide distribution.

Laser spotting swir monocular

Salvo Technologies has developed the Cyclops AWX SWIR monocular.  It’s a ruggedized tactical laser spotter that has been fielded by special forces around the world.  The flexible platform allows users to choose between SWIR Monocular with or without 1550nm illuminator.  Best of all no filters needed for daytime operation!

Military Aviation Market

Salvo Technologies produces avionics solutions for the military including cockpit display windows, EO packages for reconnaissance aircraft as well as optical components for targeting systems.  Salvo sells directly to the government as well as to prime contractors and OEM plan manufacturers.  In addition to aviation Salvo Technologies also supports space based projects with multispectral imagers, lenses and optical filters.  Salvo is AS9100 certified and ITAR registered. 

The production facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.