Providing for the Consumer

Salvo Technologies has multiple direct to consumer business models and supports a wide range of OEM’s with products inside that are sold to the consumer.  For example, Salvo makes multispectral sensors that are used in heartrate monitors in wearables, hyperspectral sensors that are implemented into handheld devices as well as a variety of sensors that are incorporated into automobiles, phones, tablets and computers.  These sensor suites range from Lidar to ambient light sensors and even time of flight.  Salvo is also active in the sport industry providing hunting scopes and fire arm parts to consumers around the world.  


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It’s applicable to military and law enforcement, but truly shines in the recreational, hunting, and competitive sectors.

Salvo Technologies’ Shepherd Scopes brand takes the years of military fire control optics knowledge and brings it to the consumer for very accurate long distance shooting.  In a short amount of time using Shepherd’s patented dual reticle system a shooter can zero their gun in one shot and hit targets out to 1000 yards simply adjusting for the windage.  This is truly an innovation that is unrivaled in the shooting world today.

The production facilities of all Salvo Technologies divisions are ISO­9001 and AS9100 registered.