CNC Operator

Full Time, 2nd Shift Positions Available.


Salvo Technologies is a quickly growing vertically integrated manufacturing company working in markets ranging from defense to medical. 


Role: Sets up and operates various CNC machines and manual equipment. Also, operates more complex CNC machines where setup is assisted or completed by another.

CNC Operator Responsibilities

All aspects of the CNC Operation process in accordance with written instruction.
Including, but not limited to:

Set up and operate multi-axis CNC and/or manual equipment, tools and accessories for the fabrication and cutting of materials to process component parts.

Maintain close tolerance dimensions while producing parts at the rates established for a particular operation.

Identify and participate in resolving machining problems in order to produce defect-free parts.

Ability to make offset changes on multi-axis equipment. To ensure product that conforms to requirements.

Performs verification/validation of new set-up programs for new product or pre-production parts.

Performs in-process and first-piece inspection.

Understands/edits multi-axis G-code/M-code mill programs, multi-axis G-code lathe programs, and up to multi axis Mazatrol lathe programs as required.

Must be willing and able to continually rotate through a variety of manufacturing processes, performing all types of tasks in a cell/team environment.

Performs other related tasks including but not limited to performing housekeeping tasks required to keep the work area safe, clean, and organized.

Sustains and maintains 5S standards and all continuous improvement activities.

Performs other duties and special projects as assigned.



A minimum of 2 years experience in CNC machining or equivalent vocational/apprenticeship.


Able to quickly adapt to changes in production schedule.

Knowledge Requirements

Able to produce parts at maximum rates with zero defects.

Ability to follow verbal/written instructions, demonstrate the ability to read blueprints & interpret geometric tolerances.

Ability to optimize processes through continuous improvement efforts.

Can set up & run various types of CNC equipment.

Demonstrate ability to function in a high-performance work team environment.

Must be willing & able to continually rotate through a variety of manufacturing processes, performing all types of tasks in a cell/team environment.

Must meet basic metrology requirements & be able to demonstrate a working knowledge of cutting tools.

Must demonstrate the ability to operate equipment without causing injury to oneself, or damage to equipment or product.

Must be able to work all scheduled overtime.

Must be reliably & predictably available to perform the major duties of the position at the assigned work site & time.

Observes safety rules/reports unsafe acts.

Physical Requirements Must be able to stand for up to eight hours per day, ability to move about, bends, stoops, uses hands, and lift up to 35 pounds unassisted.

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