Lithography Technician

Full Time, 1st and 3rd Shift Positions Available.


Salvo Technologies is a quickly growing vertically integrated manufacturing company working in markets ranging from defense to medical. 


Salvo is currently looking to fill positions for Lithography Technicians working in its expanding multispectral imaging and reticle production divisions. The ideal candidate will have some familiarity or experience in the field of photolithography.


All aspects of photolithography production process in accordance with written instruction.
Including, but not limited to:

Substrate inspection and preparation

Photoresist application

Exposure and development processes

Liftoff processes

Final inspection and packaging in accordance with production specification



High school diploma (or equivalent) required. Tertiary educated is a plus.


Able to work with a team in a fast pace production environment


Able to quickly adapt to changes in production schedule.


Must be highly observant and mentally focused. Work involves multiple tasks with frequent interruptions and the ability to work with microscopes to inspect various feature sizes.

Work Conditions

Work will take place mostly within a cleanroom manufacturing environment. This necessitates the ability to don/doff a full body cleanroom garb.

Daily use of large and small equipment as well as hazardous chemicals.

Ability to routinely lift up to 35 pounds

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