Responsible for the design and improvement of all processes related to Thin Film Manufacturing including implementation of new products and processes as well as training of coating technicians on these processes and procedures. The Senior Thin Film Coating Engineer works directly with the customer to improve or create technologies that unlock markets and improve the health and welfare of individuals around the world. In addition this position will interface regularly with internal customers including sales, quality, and finance departments.


[bt_orderlist list_style=”icon” icon=”icon:check-square”] [bt_li]Four-year degree in physics or engineering or related[/bt_li] [bt_li]Minimum of 10 years of coating design in multiple platforms including IBS, MSP and Evaporation[/bt_li] [bt_li]Minimum 2-5 years of customer facing roles and responsibilities for 2-5 years[/bt_li] [/bt_orderlist]

Special Abilities:

[bt_orderlist list_style=”icon” icon=”icon:check-square”] [bt_li]Experienced in Thin Film Coating design with multiple optical design software packages such as TF Calc, Essential Macleod and/or OptiLayer.[/bt_li] [bt_li]Solid writing and verbal skills. Position requires presenting work at conferences and seminars.[/bt_li] [bt_li]Ability to transfer coating designs into thin film coating manufacturing processes and optimize processes based on productivity data.[/bt_li] [bt_li]Continuous improvement of thin film coating processes based on analysis of manufacturing process data (spectral and other test methods and calibration) [/bt_li] [bt_li]Support manufacturing in trouble shooting[/bt_li] [bt_li]Support sales with technical evaluations for existing products and feasibility studies for new products[/bt_li] [bt_li]Responsible for documentation related to coating designs and processes[/bt_li] [bt_li]Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills[/bt_li] [/bt_orderlist]