6/15/2015 Salvo Technologies Names HDC Master Distributor

March 28, 2015

Seminole, FL—Salvo Technologies Inc, a technology­ based private equity group, has inked a master distribution agreement with HDC LLC in a private deal with undisclosed terms. Serving the competitive, recreational, and security/defense firearms markets, Hunt Distributing Co. (HDC) distributes, customizes, and manufactures lightweight, high-performance rifles, shotguns, and optics. As such, it complements the Salvo Technologies portfolio, which encompasses four other divisions with deep domain expertise in security, defense, and consumer technologies.

“HDC first came onto our radar when our design division, Salvo Defense, consulted with them on the development of the Sapphire Fire Control optics,” said Patrick Bass, executive vice president of Salvo Technologies. “It became very clear that the HDC technology and expertise complemented not just where Salvo Technologies is but where we want to go as a vertically integrated diversified technology supplier.”

In addition to HDC and Salvo Defense, Salvo Technologies encompasses multiple other divisions including : Salvo Electronics, Salvo Coatings and Salvo Electro Optics. All directly or indirectly serve the security, defense, and law enforcement markets, as well as additional application areas.

The addition of HDC as a master distributor creates important synergies, highlighted by the overlap of both the engineering and sales organizations. HDC, for example, will distribute the Sapphire Fire Control systems to the competitive and recreational firearms markets, broadening the reach of the product line. As a partner of the greater Salvo Technologies organization, HDC sales specialists can now offer customers greater insight into scheduling and quality assurance while the HDC team of firearms experts can provide experience based input to the Salvo R&D teams to improve current and future products.

“HDC has been working with Salvo Technologies for two years now on multiple projects,” said Nathan Hunt, president and founder of HDC. “We’re excited to finally start to roll out these products, and we are just getting started. Becoming a master distributor of Salvo Technologies lets us tailor our products to our customer base of sportsmen, marksmen, law enforcement, and soldiers.”

About HDC

Launched in 2008 by service­disabled US Army veteran Nathan Hunt, Hunt Distributing Co. (HDC) distributes, customizes, and manufactures a range of lightweight firearms and accessories. The success of the company is driven by the knowledge and experience of its team of US military veterans, seasoned hunters, and master gunsmiths. They work to develop highly accurate, ruggedized firearms like the 6­lb Timos hunting rifles and Home Wrecker line of home defense shotguns. In the past, gun enthusiasts have had to choose between performance and ease of handling. With the launch of HDC, Hunt made it his mission to put together featherweight firearms that don’t require any compromises at all.

About Salvo Technologies LLC

Salvo Technologies Inc invests in and develops manufacturing companies serving the defense, security, medical, industrial, and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on two continents. Its divisions provide a range of world-class products including personal protective equipment; thick film coatings with high corrosion resistance; and high reliability electro optical components like power management components, fire-control optics, and imaging solutions with an emphasis on multispectral and polarimetric systems. In addition, it has struck up a strategic alliance with Cross Industrial, a value-added distributor of electronic, optoelectronic, and optical components with a particular focus on high reliability markets. Salvo Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Seminole, FL. For more information please visit www.Salvo-Technologies.com.

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Leigh Hunt
Sales Manager


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