1/5/2009 Salvo Coatings Releases Revolutionary Anti­Corrosion Lubricant

March 27, 2015

Tucker, GA—A new metal forming lubricant from Salvo Coatings LLC can eliminate the need for post­process cleaning and make corrosion marks on finished parts a thing of the past. When used during aluminum or steel forming, Hi Corr D10 acts as an all­in­one lubricant and protectant. Parts can be taken straight out of the mill, packaged, and put on the shelf without any need for cleaning or surface treatments. The lubricant not only streamlines the forming process itself, it ensures that parts maintain their value even after months of storage. Metal forming creates parts without the need for welding or joining. It does have drawbacks, however. Particularly in the case of aluminum or steel, the process tends to be very dirty and forms products that are prone to surface corrosion known as white rust. As a result, manufacturers typically perform extensive cleaning steps on parts after forming. Hi Corr D10 eliminates the need for that step. Instead, parts emerge from the mill ready for use. The coating also addresses another major problem in the industry. When parts are packaged after production, moisture trapped inside can trigger the formation of rust on the surfaces during storage. Although this issue tends to be cosmetic rather than structural, it can still lead to returns Corr D10 leaves a residual soft coating on the metal similar to a wax dispersion, giving it a soft, uniform sheen and protecting it from corrosion. As a result, formed aluminum and steel can remain in storage for up to six months without any damage to the surface. “When we set out to develop a new metal­forming lubricant, we didn’t just want to make a ‘me too’ product,” said Patrick Kelly, chief technology officer at Salvo Coatings. “Instead, we developed an entirely different formulation that took aim at one of the biggest frustrations of our customers. At Salvo Coatings, we don’t think of ourselves as a vendor­­ we’re a partner.” Applications include armored cable, flexible and rigid conduits, fittings, and sheet metal fabrication.

About Salvo Coatings LLC

A member of Salvo Technologies LLC family of companies, Salvo Coatings LLC is a boutique coating firm that specializes in custom formulations for industrial, medical, and military applications. It offers a broad product line of thin ­film and thick ­film coatings ranging from anti­reflection treatments for lenses to thermoplastic paints for metals. With both on­shore and off­shore production capabilities, Salvo Coatings has the ability to produce small volumes close to the facilities of domestic customers, and large volumes overseas with competitive pricing, strict compliance to specifications, at a capacity in the millions of gallons annually.

About Salvo Technologies LLC

Salvo Technologies LLC invests in and develops manufacturing companies serving the defense, security, and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents. It is a privately held firm headquartered in Largo, FL. For more information please visit www.Salvo-­Technologies.com.

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