7/14/2014 Salvo Technologies Adds Web Support for Salvo Grant Program

March 26, 2015

Largo, FL—Salvo Technologies LLC, a leading technology ­based private equity group, today announced the addition of new features on the company website that are designed to support its Salvo Grant Program. Salvo Technologies encompasses three business units that deliver a range of high­tech products and services, including design, fabrication, and assembly of optics, electro­optics, systems, and thin­ and thick film coatings. With these online capabilities, users interested in the grant program can download applications, upload submissions, check the status of proposals, and download information on awards and next steps. Previously, applicants had to email submissions and wait for an email confirmation. The Web­based tools make the process faster, more efficient, and more transparent.

“The new functionality will streamline the process for this extremely successful program,” said Gina Lotito, technology grant administrator at Salvo Technologies. “It will allow users to track progress on their personal applications, which was one of the most requested items on the feedback survey collected during the earlier rounds of the program. The tools allow users to spend more time on their research and less on administrative activities.”

The Salvo Grant Program is based on the philosophy of open innovation, which recognizes the value and, increasingly, the necessity of open, collaborative development, as demonstrated by the Linux project. The program awards funding annually to individuals and organizations pursuing promising projects ranging from basic science to late­stage development. The funds are delivered with no strings attached, although success brings with it the opportunity to partner with Salvo Technologies for future advancement.

“At Salvo Technologies, we recognize the trend toward crowd ­sourced R&D,” said Patrick Bass, vice president at Salvo Technologies. “We value the contributions outside teams can make toward our greater mission. Making the program more accessible to them makes more great research accessible to us.”

About Salvo Technologies LLC

Salvo Technologies LLC invests in and develops manufacturing companies serving the defense, security, medical, industrial, and commercial markets. From its inception in 2007, it has grown into an organization with global reach and manufacturing capabilities on multiple continents. Its three divisions provide a range of products and services including design and prototyping of electro­optical and imaging solutions, with an emphasis on multispectral and polarimetric systems; optical and electro­optical systems assembly; high­ reliability optical component fabrication; and thin­ and thick­ film coatings. Salvo Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Largo, FL. For more information please visit www.Salvo-­Technologies.com.

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